Patrick Hilsman is a New York-based journalist and analyst with experience covering the MENA region with a focus on the Syrian conflict, international weapons traffic, and refugee rights. Hilsman has appeared on BBC World, MSNBC, Al Jazeera English, and Huffington Post Live. He has also written for Mashable, Middle East Eye, VICE, The Daily Beast, Vocativ, Syria Deeply, Quartz, Souriatna, The Seattle Stranger, The Seattle Globalist, and the Christian Science Monitor.

Hilsman was one of a handful of American journalists to have visited East Aleppo between the expulsion of ISIS in early 2014 and the fall of the city to regime forces in late 2016. Hilsman’s reporting on drone proliferation in the Syrian conflict has been cited by experts at the Defense Intelligence Agency, Bard University Drone Center, and Oxford University. Hilsman has written extensively on state-funded propaganda, fake news, and cyber attacks, which have become increasingly significant aspects of modern warfare. Through Hybrid Warfare Blog, Hilsman will trace the tools of oppression, weapons, money, and propaganda to their points of origin.

Hilsman is currently working on an upcoming graphic novel with the artist Christopher Russell. The project will tell real life stories of Syrian exiles through visuals. The project aims to make refugee narratives accessible to all audiences including readers who are new to the conflict.


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